Leah Jackson

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Artist Statement

My work is a stage where the art-making process owes me to explore various emotional conditions I find uncomfortable and difficult to confront. Art gives me a way to express my feelings and ideas without the fear of facing other people directly.

The biggest influence on my work comes from my own personal experiences. After my father’s death in 2012, my art was the vehicle that carried me through my grieving. My work became a stage where I would be forced to face my obstacles in a way I have never done before.

Even though my work is very personal, I believe it also operates on a more global level where others are able to connect with my pieces. When displaying my personal experiences for the public to see I am able to create an indirect dialogue with the viewer. I believe my artwork owes for others to connect and create their own solutions as well as my own. It creates an event in which owes me to hold a visual conversation with the external world. This way I am able to re-evaluate my perspective based on the perspective of the viewers.


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Leah Jackson